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Tummy massage instead of a laxative

Tummy massage is a valuable, and yet simple self-help method. All we need is our hands and several minutes a day. Tummy massage activates the digestive system, and it significantly supports the cleansing of the intestines. Also, it helps losing weight and getting rid of surplus acids. The results will be a sense of well-being and better looks. Tummy massage improves posture, the appearance of the skin, and the general mood. Try it out!

Tummy massage instead of a holiday?

“Have you been on a holiday? Have you lost weight?” When have you last heard these questions without actually having been on a holiday or after a weight loss diet? Tummy massage will make your friends have such reactions. It may sound incredible, but, if you practice tummy massage, you will get familiar with its significant effects.

Tummy massage without a professional masseur

Usually you need a masseur, or at least a massage armchair for a good massage. With tummy massage, this is different. All you need is yourself; no need to ask for a medical recommendation, prescription or scheduling, and there is no waiting time. You don’t need special devices either, such as a massage brush or massage oil. All you need is several minutes and your hands – that’s all.

Is tummy massage for me?

Tummy massage is primarily recommended for those who struggle with indigestion; constipation and bloating will improve quickly. And, because an optimal digestion and a properly functioning intestinal system are the basis for a general well-being, tummy massage will influence any other health problems in a positive way, whether you struggle with backaches, headaches or lower body problems. Besides, tummy massage improves the effect of detoxification and weight loss diets. How can tummy massage have such wide-range results?

The effects of tummy massage:

  • It helps blood circulation in the abdominal area, which provides the organs in that area with more nutrients and oxygen.
  • It relaxes the muscles that surround the intestines. Bloating will subside and the tummy will become soft.
  • It prevents constipation and promotes regular voiding.
  • It helps the detachment of waste material and other deposits from the walls of the intestines.
  • It helps reducing emotional tension and improves mood.
  • It reduces pain cause by hemorrhages.
  • It reduces problems related to the uterus and the ovaries in women.

Suppose you have chronic constipation – what do you do? Probably you have tried out many kinds of laxatives, most of which you needed to ingest. So, basically, you tried to convince your body to function properly by introducing some kind of a substance. Why wouldn’t you try to simply massage your intestines? The idea may sound too simple. Also, may people struggle with inhibitions when it comes to touching themselves, and thus doing something good to themselves. Too bad – when our body is touched in a loving and caring way, this has a strong healing effect. You will be convinced in no time of this fact if you try out tummy massage.