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Try this trick if you suffer from insomnia

If you have already tried counting lambs or drinking lukewarm milk with honey or lemon grass tea, and no method worked for you, the following solution may be just the right one for you. If you try it, you will sleep much better, guaranteed.

All you have to do is to stick one leg out from under the cover! Does this seem absurd? Try it and you will will find it useful. It is a very simple trick, but it works.

The International Sleep Foundation spokeswoman Natalie Dautovich explains that the method works because this way the functioning of the blood vessels will be much more balanced. If you stick out your foot from under the cover, your blood cools and begins to circulate properly, and your whole body is cooled.

Try this trick if you suffer from insomnia

This is important as during sleep the body temperature decreases. If one of your feet is exposed to colder air, it cools the body slightly, and this process will signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep. According to experts, when we are hot, we are much more alert than when we are cold.

It is definitely worth trying out this simple method!

Try this trick if you suffer from insomnia
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