Touching VIDEO: the bridegroom whose funeral was on his wedding day

How do you start a story about a man whose funeral was on his wedding day?

Solomon Chau died in his sleep on the 17th of August 2015, eight months after he was diagnosed with liver cancer. In the previous year, Chau and his fiancée, Jennifer Carter, eagerly awaited their wedding day, which was scheduled for August 22, 2015.

Instead, August 22 turned out to become the day of Solomon’s funeral; in another world, this would have been the beginning of his married life as Jennifer’s husband.

The young man fought bravely until his last day with the disease; but as we all know, cancer doesn’t care about love or happy endings. So Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter decided to get married earlier, on the 11th of April, and the two were able to enjoy 128 wonderful days as husband and wife.

Even if Jennifer said final goodbye to Sol on the day their wedding was going to take place, she will always can cherish the happy memories of her wedding and short marriage.

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