A touching movie about nature, love and setting a great example

Quality time spent with our child will determine the development of his or her personality, thinking and interests. Obviously, it’s not really words that count the most, but the examples we set. A little boy’s growth into a man starts in early childhood, and it’s mostly the father’s responsibility to guide his son by being a great role model.

In the following short movie, the father creates a magical experience to introduce his son to nature. He presents the wonders of the forest step-by-step, and these experiences are going to be a great basis for the child’s development.

As we observe the father and son taking a walk in the forest, we can remember the magical stories of our childhood, but at the same time hunting accidents, poaching and mercilessly shot animals may come into our mind as well. If everybody observed some essential rules and especially the laws of ethics, people would probably not forget that a loaded gun is not a free-for-all killing machine, and it is not acceptable to take away the life of animals at random. Such activity is not hunting. Hunting is actually the love of nature which the father demonstrates to his son in the video: observing rabbits, squirrels and boars, and learning about trees, plants and mushrooms – and most of all, treating every created soul and the Creator with respect.

Fathers, you should teach your children what you can do the best, and thus provide them with strong roots.

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