Throwing a coin in the musician’s hat produces a miracle

At a first glance, we may think that we witness the familiar sight of a musician who tries to earn a living by playing a musical instrument in the street.


The problem is, the double bass won’t make a single sound, and the tuxedo-clad musician is standing as still as a statue. Nothing happens until a little girl runs to him and throws a coin into his hat.

At this moment, the instrument immediately comes to life, and after a few seconds the player is joined by a woman with a violin in her hand. Now the two of them are playing a familiar melody together. The performance attracts a small crowd of people, who are astonished to see that more and more violins and wind instruments join the orchestra.

Finally, the conductor and the drummer appear, and a full-blown band is playing the Ode to Joy, and the buildings echo the singing of the choir, which also appeared seemingly from nowhere.

Even the audience chimes in heartily…

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