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Three zodiac signs that will suffer in love in the autumn of 2019

In the autumn, most of us lose some stamina, our summer enthusiasm disappears, and we’d rather just stay indoors and snuggle under a fuzzy, warm blanket. This autumn will be an unusually lethargic time for the following zodiac signs, especially regarding their love life.

Three zodiac signs that will suffer in love in the autumn of 2019


Your stubbornness makes it very difficult for people to get along with you. Do not be surprised if you will have to deal with problems in your love life. You are too focused on your own goals, you are very selfish, and you tend to completely neglect your loved ones.

Saturn and Pluto are making things even more difficult for you this autumn, and you will be more tense than usual. You will be constantly bickering and arguing, so it’s no wonder that most people will choose to avoid you.


You will undergo a lot of emotional pain this autumn; both your personal and professional life will change and fluctuate a lot. You will feel like nothing can make you completely happy, and sometimes you will prefer to escape to an uninhabited island.

You and your partner will not see eye to eye in many issues, and will argue a lot, especially about finances. If you cannot manage to reach consensus, you should not be surprised if a breakup happens. Even a third person may interfere in your relationship.

The full moon on September 18 will add to the tension, but after that a calmer period follows.


The beginning of the autumn does not have much good in store for you. Although you will have no reason to complain about your work and career, prospects regarding your love life are not very encouraging.

You and your partner will argue a lot about financial and work issues, you will be constantly jealous, and you will feel that your partner does not love you as much as you deserve. You should make sure to have a level-headed discussion about your problems before it is too late.