This woman would have never thought that turning back for a quick look would cause the greatest tragedy of her life

Unfortunately, the number of road accidents is always increasing. Surveys show that the majority of fatal errors occur because of inattention. Think ahead, obey the rules, and be very careful while driving. The following short film draws the driver’s attention to the fact that a moment’s carelessness may cost a life.

The loss of a child is the greatest pain in the world. If it happens, most parents will never be able to process the pain sometimes brought by a single fateful moment, let alone when the accident occurred as a result of a fault of their own.

In the video you can see an old woman who lies on a hospital bed, her face tormented, and she is surrounded by baby pictures. The clip then goes back in time, to the moment when one fine day the mother and her daughter were traveling together.

The child sat in the back, and the mother took a moment to turn back to her little daughter with a happy smile on her face. It was at that fateful moment when an oncoming car hit theirs, and the woman had never been able to erase the memory of the little girl’s scream from her mind.

Do not ever look back while driving – tragedy may strike within a single moment. When you are driving, the whole responsibility is yours, and you are holding the fate of your loved ones in your hands.

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