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This video may save the lives of many children

Children are extremely curious, and their desire to always learn something new or unusual should keep us alert at all times. They can climb on furniture or appliances, actions which unfortunately often end tragically. Every two weeks, a child is seriously injured when a TV, a piece of furniture or an appliance falls on him or her.


Nevertheless, these tragedies can be prevented! The video below presents some useful and handy tips, which can save a child’s life. Every parent should watch this video.

In their attempt to explore unknown areas, or because they are attracted to a particular object placed high, children tend to climb on furniture. The risk of injury is very high as furniture, and even a TV set may tip easily and crush the fragile body of a child.

To avoid these unfortunate situations, parents and caregivers should take precautions. Since we can’t do without furniture in rooms, we need to use some simple and effective solutions to secure them. With plugs and steel cables linking the furniture to the wall, we have assurance that these will not fall over children. Even TVs can be anchored using special harnesses that once installed, will eliminate any danger of furniture falling over.

It is necessary to take all possible measures to protect the lives of our children. One moment of inattention is enough for an accident to happen and have tragic effects – the images speak for themselves.