This must be the worst disaster that ever happened at a wedding

Each religious ceremony is a unique event that the couple and the guests will remember all their lives. However, sometimes the unexpected happens, and the ceremony can turn into a disaster.


Chloe and Keith, the bride and groom in this video recording, were ready to say their vows in front of the minister, surrounded by family and close friends, standing on a platform erected near a swimming pool.

When the priest asked the best man to bring forward the wedding rings, the best man’s shoes unfortunately slipped and he fell, causing the bride and the minister fall into the water along with him.

In an instant, both bride and priest plunged directly into the pool. The groom remained virtually paralyzed for a moment, but then he jumped in to save her.

The guests have experienced something unusual that will stay in their memory forever. But probably the couple, who united their destinies that day, and especially the best man, wished this unpleasant event to have never happened on that special day.

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