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This is what our grandparents used to sprinkle on tomatoes to make them sweet and juicy

For many of us, gardening is a hobby, a relaxing activity and a pleasant way to spend tour free time, while for others it is a way to provide fresh and healthy food for the family.

But if we want to enjoy a rich and delicious harvest, we need to know one important practice: what our grandparents used to sprinkle on their tomatoes to make them sweet and juicy. This decades-old secret is still used by many people today.

In recent times, more and more people have decided to leave the city for a quiet life in the countryside.

After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy the fresh air while tending a little patch of land to your liking? Some people turn their gardens into an oasis of flowers and neatly trimmed shrubs, others use it to grow fruit and vegetables to feed their family.

If you want to enjoy a rich and tasty harvest, there are a few tricks that will guarantee sure results, as many people have been using these practices for decades, handing them down from generation to generation.

And what trick did our grandparents use to get juicy tomatoes? A surprisingly simple one that only requires one ingredient, and that’s baking soda!

All you need to do is sprinkle a small amount of this white powder on the soil where you planted the tomato seedlings.

When is it recommended to water the seedlings?

The health and harmonious development of the plant is also influenced by the way it is watered. Tomatoes are often affected by rot and this disease can even kill the seedlings.

Experts recommend watering your plants with standing water in the garden when the soil dries out. Equally important is the time of day when this is done, which is the morning.