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This is what happens in your body if you drink pineapple juice on an empty stomach

There exist super fruits that contain active substances so powerful that they cause a significant improvement in our health within a short period of time, making us more dynamic and energetic. These fruits include berries, pomegranate and pineapple.

The incredibly delicious pineapple is juicy and full of healthy vitamins, fibers and minerals that we need every day for the optimal functioning of our body.

The enzyme called bromelain found in this exotic fruit plays a great role in the metabolism of proteins; besides, it also contains a lot of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that contributes in preserving the health of the cells. The consumption of pineapple in itself is very healthy, but if you mix it with water, you can achieve an even more powerful effect, as the mixture will protect many of your vital organs from diseases.

How to prepare a natural refreshing pineapple drink

Take a medium-sized, preferably organic pineapple, cut off the scaly skin, and then dice the flesh and place it into a glass jar. Fill up the remaining space with not too cold, pure water.

Throughout the day sip this refreshing, healthy drink. In fact, you might want to start the day drinking it before breakfast – in this case the body is capable to metabolize more of the vitamins and nutrients.

This is what happens in your body if you drink pineapple juice on an empty stomach
Photo: Nadir Hasmir/Flickr.com

Why is pineapple drink so great?

First, due to bromelain, it helps preventing inflammations. This special enzyme also helps the body get rid of toxins. Those persons who suffer from arthritis or have sustained sports injuries should consume this drink to ease up inflammation and pain in the arms or legs.

Pineapple drink helps losing weight as well if you consume water enriched with pineapple juice every day. The weight control happens due to the fibers found in the fruit which improve digestion and decrease the sense of hunger. This drink is especially effective when consumed on an empty stomach, as it reduces craving for fatty and sugary foods as well.

It cleanses the liver and the intestines

This effect is also attributed to bromelain. Toxic substances accumulated in the liver and in the intestines are washed out with the water; abdominal bloating or even cramping will cease shortly after beginning a pineapple water cure.