This cow is so terrified that she begins to cry with tears. But look what happens in the end!

This cow was kept locked up to be slaughtered, and she, probably sensing imminent danger, began to cry when transported. It is clearly seen in the video, even at the beginning, how her eyes are filled with tears as she is restrained by metal bars.

However, instead of being taken to the slaughterhouse, the cow is released on a pasture, and allowed to run on the vast grassland in the company of a whole herd of cows. She is running and frolicking in the large field, cheerful as she escaped, for the moment, a tragic end.

Watch how cheerful the cow is once she comes out of the stall – it will amuse you how she runs away when released, and how she mingles with the other cows, first shyly, and then more and more playfully. She now visibly feels safe and her fear is all gone.

The video will melt your heart!

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