They interpret a popular song using traditional instruments. The result is absolutely remarkable!

Music is a universal language that transcends all limits and it depends only on the skills and virtuosity of the player to give life to memorable songs. Who would have expected to hear one of the most popular songs of the late Michael Jackson played on some traditional Japanese instruments?

Koto, shakuhachi and junanagen are three traditional Japanese instruments these young girls play to interpret “Smooth Criminal”, one of the most popular songs of the King of Pop. The two string instruments, koto and junanagen, produce sharp sounds to play the melody and shakuhachi, a wind instrument, accompanies them in a charming way.

When you love music passionately, you put your heart and soul into every performance. This is the case of the three girls, who amaze us with their artistry. Both the emotional and the dynamic passages are played skillfully. The girls’ stage presence and traditional costumes in bright colors give this artistic moment a touch of sophistication and elegance.

These Japanese young talents deserve all our admiration.

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