Thee gymnasts begin their exercise. In just a few moments, the audience is captivated by their skills

If you think you saw everything in gymnastics, you’re likely to have missed this video. Just by watching these Ukrainian gymnasts, you will realize how much gymnastics progressed in recent years, and how high is the difficulty of the exercises performed in this competitive field.


Kateryna Kalyta, Nataliya Vinnyk and Luli Odintsova participated in the World Championship in Wroclaw, Poland, and they presented a very different routine. It included both artistic elements of high sensitivity and a remarkable acrobatic suite.

The pyramids that the three gymnasts have included in their routine are evidence of mastery in the art of balance, as not a single movement betrays a trace of doubt in execution. The coordination of movements and jumps are perfect, captivating both the jury and the audience, which rewarded them with standing ovation.

This amazing team won third place, after Russia and Britain. It is hard to believe that their routine could have been any better. They fully deserve our appreciation.

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