The World’s Most Awkward Parking – Video

Countless jokes have been made about catastrophes resulting from some women’s attempts to park.

Awkward-parkingIt turned out, though, that there are some for whom even getting out from a parking lot is a challenge. The protagonist of the embedded YouTube video is in a similar situation: she managed to park her car, but couldn’t manage to get out from among the parked cars. The operation that should have lasted a few seconds became an endless-seeming four minute ordeal; moreover, it was observed by another woman whose way was cut by the awkward manoeuvers.

The klutzy lady’s backup attempts seemed successful at first, but then she got hopelessly stuck, because she didn’t turn the steering wheel enough to change direction. This way, after some clumsy attempts, she got the car back in its original position. At this point the other driver tried to escape, but the lady had blocked the exit, and that made two drivers have a difficult time – reports The Daily Mail.

The lady managed to escape within four minutes, after having stuck the car hopelessly between a parking car and a mini-truck.

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