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The tasty shiitake, a mushroom that boosts the immune system

If you like tasty, tangy foods, and you want to do something for your immune system, the best solution is to consume shiitake mushrooms.

According to experts examining the beneficial effects of mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms contain active ingredients that are suitable to treat many immune deficiency diseases; this is why these mushrooms are very important in preventing cancer and inflammation. These are not opinions and beliefs, but facts that have been proven scientifically.

The properties of shiitake mushrooms have recently been researched at the University of Florida. The experts performed experiments with the participation of 52 volunteers for a period of four weeks. The test subjects consumed shiitake mushrooms in various quantities for four weeks. Blood and saliva samples had been taken from the test subjects before the experiments, and their immune system was examined.

The results proved that the test subjects’ immune system became stronger after the four weeks passed, and their body produced more cells whose role is to protect the body from viruses and infections. At the same time, the risk of inflammation has been reduced as well.

This extraordinary mushroom can be consumed dried or fresh. It is very delicious when served with various sauces.