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The son leaves the family business for a high-paying office job – the father’s reaction is incredible

The key to a happy life is to have a dream you are willing to do something for. You should never give up, and even if you turn away from the path of happiness for a while, you must have the courage to return.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

In the video below, you can follow the story of the Barrett & Son family bakery. You can be witness to a happy and busy everyday life, the father and son working happily together. The business is booming, the bakery goes well, and they make delicious pastries and breads.

The customers are happy, long queues form in front of the store, and a lot of people come in to drink coffee and eat cake. However, one day, the boy grown into a young man sees a job ad in the newspaper, and decides to break out of a small-town life.

Like in a fairy tale, he leaves to try his luck. The father, with a heavy heart, allows him to do what he wants. The son starts working at a prosperous company, earning a high income, and enjoying many opportunities. Nevertheless, he is unhappy. The father remains at home and keeps making delicious pastries and breads by himself, with a hunched back, and with much less enthusiasm.

However, one day he gets a postcard that completely changes his life. He decides to pack up and return to the family business. Once he enters the door of the shop, his father hands him a business card, which says Owner Charles Barrett.