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The passengers have paid for their flight only, but they also received an unexpected perk

A trip by plane can sometimes be boring, but if you have the opportunity to meet these talented musicians, you will have the impression that your flight takes no time. On a plane operated by Southwest Airlines, these musicians offered the passengers an unexpected concert, instantly creating an atmosphere of fun, which was maintained throughout the flight.


“Time for Three” is the name of a trio made up of three very talented musicians. The members of the band are Nick Kendall and Zach De Pue playing the violin and Ranaan Meyer playing the bass. As we can see and especially hear, they can perform famous songs such as Csardas by Vittorio Monti as well as blues, rock, jazz or hip-hop songs with great naturalness.

The passengers of this flight were surprised to see the three young men with their instruments, but when they began to play, everyone’s face lit up instantly. They would certainly have not thought when they had bought their tickets for this flight that they would be treated to such a concert.

The musicians played various genres and rhythms, but no matter what they played, they managed to impress everyone with their virtuosity. At the end of the performance, they were rewarded with lots of words of praise and of course, with rounds of applause.