The orchestra plays a classical piece, but when she joins them, all becomes like magic

Mexican artist Ana Maria Luz Alvarez, or Lucero Tena by her stage name, is a flamenco dancer born in Durango, Mexico in 1938, who now lives in Spain. Given both her native and her adoptive country, she represents the two communities with the greatest tradition in flamenco.

Castanets are indispensable in the flamenco style, as the staccato sounds mark every movement and every dance step. In this exceptional interpretation the artist outdoes herself. Sarah plays with lots of expressivity and originality along with the orchestra, and she handles her castanets with absolute artistry.

The great virtuoso piece is called “La boda Luís Alonso” and it was composed by Geronimo Gimenez. Although not young anymore, the artist has not forgotten the fascinating rhythm of castanets. As a teacher at the Conservatory of Madrid, Lucero Tena instills passion and dedication into many of her students and never hesitates to go on stage to enchant everybody.

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