The jury was stunned when they saw the abilities of this little girl

Meet Emily Moskalenko, an eight-year-old girl competing at a Romanian talent show called ‘The Next Star’, presenting an acrobatic pole dance routine. Not a single member of the jury would have thought that the tiny girl can have so much willpower, perseverance and talent.


Although Emily is from Ukraine, she signed up for the second series of the Romanian talent show, and she successfully made her way to the finale. Everyone who watched her was probably a little worried whether the little girl’s frail body was really able to handle the strain all the way through the routine, but Emily was fully aware of both her limitations and her talent.

She knew the elements of her routine perfectly well, and she performed seemingly dangerous moves with incredible accuracy. The hard work and practice brought the expected success; the performance, made up from artistic and acrobatic elements was executed with harmony and perfection.

The little girl enjoyed herself so much that it almost seemed that this type of performing art has been invented for her sake.

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