The human eye, the closest possible

The mirror of the soul is a wonderful creation, through which our emotions show no matter how well we try to fake it. But our eyes are much more complex and complicated than this.





Of all creatures’ eyes living on the Earth, the human eye (organum visus) is able to render the image it sees in the best possible resolution. The main part of our eyes is the eyeballs, but other organs also contribute in making us able to see: the eye nerves that form complex neural pathways, and other organs that connect to the eye.

The lens of the human eye has an objective made up of two parts: the outer cornea, and the inner eye lens. The iris reduces the amount of light that enters the eye. It determines the color of the eye, and it has an opening, the pupil. This opening plays the part of a shutter that widens or narrows depending on the strength of the light.






The light rays, as they enter the eye, first pass through the corpus vitreum, and then they are focused on the retina; at this point, with the aid of the nervous system, the image is created.

Suren Manvelyan Armenian photographer took some genial close-up photos of the human eye. The blown-up images make even those details obvious that we wouldn’t notice when we talk eye-to-eye with someone.

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