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The Healthiest Lemonade: The Healing Effects of Crystal Mushroom

It is very important to prevent more serious illnesses. Japanese crystal mushroom or water kefir should definitely be added to our diet if we wish to stay healthy.

Crystal Mushroom

A miracle mushroom

No wonder that the Caucasus is the only place in the world where many people reach 100 years. Here, adults and children alike regularly consume a drink made of crystal mushrooms.

According to professor Menkiw who studied the benefits of crystal mushrooms all his life, in the Caucasians the notions of cancer or tuberculosis are unknown.

What does it cure?

Crystal mushrooms prevent the fermentation of food in the intestines; as a result, it has a life lengthening effect. Its first use, therefore, is curing diseases of the digestive system.

Crystal mushroom drink has to be consumed every day; it is not harmful to drink it regularly. It doesn’t bother digestion, because it absorbs and arrives quickly in the blood.

How to prepare it?

In a plastic strainer, wash about 6 tablespoons of crystal mushrooms. Add 80-100 g sugar and a dry fig, 8-10 pieces of raisins or dried apricots and half a lemon.

Pour 2 l water over the mixture, stir well and let the drink sit at room temperature for 2-3 days. Stir it once every day. After the ripening period, strain the lemonade and add the juice of one lemon. The resulting drink can be kept in the fridge for several days.