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The exercise that will build muscles without need for any motion

The so-called plank pose became so popular that social networks have launched multi-day challenges. Who can hold it for a longer time? It doesn’t seem difficult, and apparently it builds muscles without movement.

The exercise that will build muscles without need for any motion
Photo: ScottHermanFitness/YouTube

At first we did not think it would be so hard to keep ourselves in plank position for a few minutes, but if you try the technique you’ll realize that it is really difficult to do it correctly, and holding it out even for 30 seconds takes a considerable effort.

Enthusiasts recommend a mere 5 minutes a day of the exercise, but the world record holder is able to keep himself in this position for 240 minutes. Practiced regularly and properly, this exercise will strengthen the buttock, back, leg and abdominal muscles. As a so-called isometric exercise, it doesn’t require any movement, you just have to hold still.

It is important, however, that the practice is carried out correctly. Support yourself on your elbows held at a 90 degree angle. The elbows need to be right below the shoulders, just as if you were doing pushups. Keep your legs and back straight, and hold your buttocks as firm as possible for the whole time. Your neck and head should be in line with your spine, and your back shouldn’t be humped. Also, don’t arch you hip and pull in your abdomen.

You should hold your legs and thighs straight and firm, otherwise the abdominal muscles will relax. Imagine that you are pressing your back against a wall. It is helpful if you ask someone to correct your position as needed, or check it in a mirror.

Initially, try to keep your body in this position for at least ten seconds. Your success of course depends on your physical condition. Don’t exceed two minutes at the beginning. If you’re tired, have a short break. The point is, don’t force yourself to do more than what feels comfortable until your body adjusts. The key to success is the proper position, not the length of time.

Scott shows us how to perform the exercise correctly: