The energy of this little girl amazes a whole audience. Watch how she handles her sword!

The girl featured in the video is a veritable symbol of the samurai community in Japan. Wearing a katana, the samurai symbol and holding the sword of everlasting life, the girl offers a wonderful show in Japanese style, mimicking a fight. The little girl produces some undescribable emotions in the audience by what she’s doing, and she interprets her role at perfection.

Her performance takes your breath away, and it is very clear that she has undergone lots of rigorous training and she has been instructed by excellent masters. For her, handling a katana has become more than a sport – a passion which she performs with supreme mastery and ease, just as if she were dancing.

These movements are wonderful, but at the same time they are incredibly difficult to learn. Yes, they can be learned, but the perseverance and devotion needed many times make students resign before they actually even start.

In the case of the little girl, however, this obviously hasn’t been the case. Watch her enthusiasm as she shows off her skills.

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