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The easiest way to grow a lemon tree in your own home

Many plants on the earth originated from a smaller or larger seed, which, if placed in fertile soil and properly cared for will germinate and then develop before our eyes.

The easiest way to grow a lemon tree in your own home
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How many of us would like to have a lemon tree right in our home to enjoy its fruit and perfume? This wish can be granted easily: one or more lemon trees can be grown from the seeds of a lemon bought from the nearest grocery store.

To begin, cut the lemon in half and remove the seeds. Place the seeds in a colander under running water from the sink to clean them from pulp. You will see that each seed has a small bud that will sprout quickly enough under proper conditions.

Punch a few holes at the bottom of several plastic cups and fill them halfway with fertile soil, then place 5-6 lemon seeds into each cup. Cover the seeds with a little soil, and then wet the soil well.

To keep the soil moist, cover the cups with a kitchen towel. After five days, check the germination stage – you will probably see that one or more green shoots have started up.

After another three days the first seedlings will have grown visibly and more seedlings are appearing. When the seedlings grow 2-3 leaflets, they can be transferred to a more spacious pot in order to develop better.