The Doberman, Boss, is called “The Horse Whisperer”. When you see him in action, you’ll understand why

Special friendships between different kinds of animals always attract a lot of attention. Strange as it may seem, despite its significantly smaller size, a dog can interact extremely well with a horse, and even may manage to tame him.

The Doberman featured in the video is nicknamed “The Horse Whisperer” for a good reason. He demonstrates some amazing skills when he is with his friend, Contino the horse. It is surprising to see how the dog holds the rope tied to the harness of the horse, signaling to him which way to go.

Every work has its reward. Because they spend so much time together, and Boss leads Contino to long and frequent walks, the horse shows his gratitude by stroking the black fur of the dog, and Boss enjoys this moment of relaxation very much.

The dedication of the Doberman to his friend is remarkable. When he is in the company of other horses, he remains impassive to their gestures when they seem to call him to play. It is obvious that Boss wants to spend time only in the company of Contino.

The signs of affection, the way the two inseparable friends caress and protect each other, are overwhelming and priceless.

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