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The black-belted fighter who gave away his slippers

When the Korean taekwondo instructor saw the old lady with no shoes on in Singapore, he simply gave her his slippers. He had no idea what storm this kind act will cause on online community websites.


Despite of the old woman’s protests, Choi kneeled down and pulled his slippers on the woman’s feet.
In Singapore it is customary for public transportation photos of people breaking elementary ethical rules to go around on websites. For example, when a young person sitting on a bus seat pretends to be sleeping while a pregnant woman is standing by, an angry passenger may take a photo and post it on a community website. However, this week it was time to celebrate the 22 year old South Korean Choi Dae Ho taekwondo expert and instructor, who went to Singapore to teach the country’s national team.

‘When I was younger, my grandmother used to look after me. She died when I was 15, but I hold grandmothers in respect and love ever since.’ Choi told to Straits Times.

One of the members of the taekwondo team took a photo of the good deed without Choi’s knowledge, and posted it online. The photo went viral, similarly to Lawrence DePrimo, the New York policeman’s photo, who had no intention to share it either. Just as a reminder, he was the person who bought a pair of boots to a homeless man last November, inspiring many by his kind act.

The Singapore sidewalks are burning hot, so Choi had to run all the way home from the bus stop. He was surprised by the attention received after the photo appeared. ‘I don’t think it was a big deal,’ he told Straits Times, ‘it was a small gesture from my part I knew I had to do, or else I would have been sad later.’