How to tell if honey is counterfeit? Here are three methods to find out

Honey is a food with countless beneficial properties. This is why we should make sure that the honey we eat is 100% natural. There are several simple tests that can be performed at home and by which we can verify the purity of honey. The video presents three methods we should try.

Natural honey dripped into a glass of water will settle at the bottom of the glass and won’t dissolve at once, unlike artificial honey.

Another very simple method is to use a flame to set a Q-tip dipped in honey on fire. Natural honey will burn with a flame, while a product that contains water won’t catch on fire easily and won’t burn for long.

If you place a drop of honey on your thumbnail and it flows down, the honey is artificial. If the drop stays on your thumb, the honey is authentic.

Artificial honey has many secondary effects. It is a synthetic product that is rapidly absorbed in the body. As a consequence, you should be very careful when you buy a jar of honey; you should verify all details on the label and should taste the contents as well.

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