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Take a look at what this boy does with the Eiffel Tower. His talent is extraordinary!

Imagination and creativity of a person can sometimes result in tricks and optical illusions that leave us speechless. Ability to edit short films by combining various fragments delight the viewers and this young man turns out to be a true “magician” who brings out of his magic hat all sorts of tricks, to achieve the desired visual effect.


Zach King is really good at fooling us with his magic tricks, and once the video recordings have been posted on the internet, they have raised over four million views. This selection of videos demonstrates many of his outstanding “magic” tricks.

He throws himself in the front of a car and, just when we expect a tragic moment, he ends up inside the car. He jumps into a pool and then he magically disappears, leaving behind only his clothes. He transforms cardboard templates into living beings such as a tabby or a bird, which starts chirping instantly. Even the Eiffel Tower looks like a toy in his hands.

Zach doesn’t claim that he has any unusual powers. When creating his video clips, he uses his video camera and a computer program that allows him to edit individual frames. And yet, we could say that Zach could compete with all the true masters of magic.

Surely, he will do many other tricks similar to the ones shown in the video below; as he himself confesses, he has an inexhaustible source of magic right in his pocket.