A table made by a 15-year-old boy has amazed people around the world

Today’s innovative technologies find their way into the most diverse areas. If you are looking for a very special table for the living room, you would certainly want to purchase this piece of furniture equipped with a mirror and multicolored LEDs.

The table has been built from an IKEA glass coffee table, modified to include RGB LEDs, a mirror and a layer of foil that multiplies the light of the LEDs. The video presents step by step the construction of this piece of furniture, which can give a touch of elegance to any home.

First, a rectangle is cut off from the top of the table in which a mirror is embedded, and a stripe of RGB LEDs is attached to the edge of the mirror. The key piece completing the project is a pane of glass covered with a special foil that creates the final effect of many rows of LED lights.

Pierre, the 15-year-old who designed this project, added a motherboard with a programmable chip under the table that allows him to control the color of the lights at the touch of a button. The result is remarkable both because of the depth of the lit area and the show of lights.

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