She starts with a lump of clay. What she creates is absolutely impressive

Joanne Mozdzen is an artist from Poland whose sculptures are true masterpieces. Joanna says that art has been present in her life from a very young age: she has always been fascinated by the multitude of emotions a human face can express, and these expressions have always served as a source of mystery and inspiration for her.

During the demonstration, Joanne shows a step-by-step presentation of how to model a female head as she creates a realistic sculpture out of clay. She places a piece of clay onto the stand and starts shaping the details of a human face. First she draws a few base lines on the surface which will aid her to create the sculpture. Because clay is very easy to shape, clay sculptures can be very fine-detailed and realistic.

The Polish artist slowly shapes the nose, the mouth, the cheekbones, the ears, the eyes and the hair. With the aid of a special tool, she creates the expressive lines of the face. The result of this painstaking work is a very impressive work of art. It is amazing how easily Joanna can make a lump of clay come to life and show emotions.

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