A simple way to get rid of fruit flies

It is the middle of the summer and we are enjoying lots of fruits and vegetables and dose up on vitamins, but one thing can be very bothering – fruit flies. They are very unpleasant and make the kitchen look untidy.

Fruit flies have an ability to multiply fast even if the adults are removed. One of the solutions to get rid of these pesky insects is vinegar. However, this time we will suggest another method, which includes a lemon and a plastic container. Instead of the unpleasant smell of vinegar, lemons will fill your kitchen with a pleasant smell.

What you need

  • A small plastic container with lid
  • 1 lemon

The procedure

1. Cut the lemon in half with a sharp knife.

2. Squeeze some lemon juice into the container and place half a lemon in the container over the juice.

3. Poke a small hole in the lid of the container. Make sure that it is big enough for the fruit flies to get in, but not big enough for them to find their way out. Cover the container with the lid.

4. Place the trap in places that fruit flies like to visit and wait until they get into the container.

5. Once the flies get in, pour in several drops of water, place the container in the microwave and heat for 15–30 seconds. This will kill the fruit flies.

6. Wash the container and repeat the procedure until you get rid of all fruit flies.

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