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A simple method to knit a round scarf

For the cold days of the approaching winter, a warm scarf is exactly what we need. Using the technique demonstrated in this movie, you can quickly and easily knit a scarf with your hands. All you need is two balls of soft and fluffy yarn, and your scarf will be ready in half an hour.


First measure 4 equal parts of double twine with a total length of 3 m.

Make a round loop with your left hand, with the thread on your wrist, and push some more thread through the loop to make a new loop. For the scarf to be wide enough, make at least 12 loops, always keeping the last loop on your left hand thumb. Now the base chain is ready, and you can go on by moving each loop from your right hand to his left hand, pulling it a new loop through the existing ones.

Once you are finished with the first row, continue in the same way with the next row and on, moving the scarf from your left hand to your right hand and back, until your scarf reaches the desired length.

You can make the scarf circular by joining the two ends. It’s incredibly easy! The video below is a step by step demonstration of all you need to make the scarf.