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These silent monks went onto the stage. A few seconds later, the audience burst into laughter

Some ways of artistic expression capture us by their creativity, originality and novelty. If you thought that a song can be interpreted only by voice, you have never seen these high school students who have found a very unusual way to enact a religious song using only cards with the words of the lyrics written on them. Dependint on the tones of the song hey lower or rise their cards,thus bringing the song to life.


Usually, when we watch a show, we expect the voices of singers on the stage to sound as natural as possible. However, watching these high school students dressed as monks interpreting a song, even though they are completely silent, is delightful.

The artistic moment requires careful choreography given the need for a perfect synchronization. Each student has one word written on cardboard, so that the text appears in harmony with the words of the “Hallelujah Chorus”.

Everyone in the auditorium was impressed by the students’ creative idea and professionalism exhibited on stage during this unique artistic moment. It is quite remarkable is that some of the students had to show more cards in sequence at a fast pace.

As expected, the audience rewarded these inventive teenagers with plenty of applause and ovations.