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She is 70 years old, but managed to amaze everyone with her talent

Strength and dedication needed to develop a talent don’t depend on age. If you are driven by passion in what you do, the results are always remarkable. Although by her age she could be a grandmother, this woman left everyone dazed by her extraordinary performance.

She is 70 years old, but managed to amaze everyone with her talent
Photo: Italia’s Got Talent/YouTube

On the stage of the contest “Italy’s Got Talent” something really special happened this year’s season: a lady dressed in a flowery kimono made her appearance, bringing with her a gracefulness and peace of mind so typical to Japanese traditions.

The lady is called Tomoko, she is 70 years old and came to Italy 43 years ago to study opera singing. She explains to the jury that she initially wanted to participate in the competition by singing a lyrical song, but her voice hardly obeys her at her age, so she decided to present another talent she believes she owns fully.

The show starts with a sinuous dance perfectly harmonizing with the sounds of the song “Land of the Rising Sun”. Then the music suddenly changes and the dance takes an unexpected turn.

The huge paper lantern behind her rises and a pole is revealed, which Tomoko will use in her incredible performance. She throws off her kimono revealing an athletic and harmonious body that completely defies her age and makes the jury speechless.

What follows is a pole dance of exceptional virtuosity with perfectly harmonized acrobatic movements, and the lady enchants everyone with her vitality and tenacity. No wonder that the artist received four affirmatives from the jury for her special talent.