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Several strong reasons for giving up eating pork

It is everybody’s choice whether to eat or not to eat meat. But if we consider what kind of meat to choose, pork is the worst. Healthy types of meat are beef, mutton, poultry and fish; pork is the source of many health problems, so it should be consumed rarely or not at all.

Several strong reasons for giving up eating pork
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Pork contains toxic substances such as fats, mucosa and histamines, as well as dangerous hormones. All these may accumulate and fester in the intestines, and may be the cause of various infections, skin disease, arthritis, arthrosis and even hormonal imbalance.

1. Pork contains growth hormones which cause malfunctioning in the human body. The action of foreign hormones stimulates some pathological processes such as weight gain and even the growth of malignant tumors.

2. Pork contains histamines that provoke allergic reactions. The consequences of the actions of the histamines on the body are illnesses of the appendix, furunculosis, cholecystitis, dermatitis and eczema.

3. White blood cells in pig blood are carriers of carcinogenic agents.

4. Flu viruses coming from pigs’ lungs are very often present in pork salami. Consuming pork regularly leads to frequent cases of flu.

Several strong reasons for giving up eating pork
Photo: Pixabay.com

5. Pork is the fattest meat possible, and it contributes to gaining weight especially when consumed in a state of stress.

6. Pork is very toxic, as it contains carcinogenic substances and it is just as harmful as alcohol and tobacco. Pigs’ sexual hormones are suspected to be carcinogens as well.

7. Pigs’ flesh is very similar to human flesh. However, pigs have fewer muscles and bones and more fat and tendons. Pigs become ill very frequently, and the diseases can be carried over to humans when their meat is eaten.

8. Permanent poisoning with toxins contained in pork may provoke heart disease and may cause a brain stroke. The human body is a favorable medium for the development of various bacteria if pork is consumed frequently.

All illnesses are the results of the protective functions that are triggered against toxins or damage provoked by toxins. Many consider pork very tasty but eating pork is simply a bad habit, which can be changed.