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Seven ways to use banana peels

Very few of us know how banana peels can be used to solve small everyday problems. Now you can discover ways to make banana peels useful.

Source: wikipedia.org
Source: wikipedia.org

Making teeth several shades whiter

A simple and easy trick to whiten teeth is to use banana peels. Magnesium, potassium and manganese found in banana peels help cleaning stains such as the ones caused by coffee, berries, red grapes, wine and tobacco off tooth enamel.

What to do: rub your teeth with the interior side of a banana peel every morning and evening, after the last meal. After 10 minutes, you can brush your teeth as usual. The results will be visible after about two weeks.

Banana peels can cure warts

A dermatologist burns off large warts with the aid of acid, liquid hydrogen or other substances. This treatment, however, can’t be used on small warts or a group of warts, as there is a risk for the surrounding healthy skin to be damaged. In this situation, you can use banana peels.

What to do: crush banana peels and pour castor oil over them to cover the peels completely. Mix well and store the mixture in a dark colored jar in the fridge for two weeks. You should use the peels of at least 5 bananas to obtain a larger quantity of tincture.
Before using the tincture, first rub the affected area with fresh banana peels vigorously for a few minutes, until the skin turns slightly red. Let the substances in the banana peel act for 10 minutes, and then wash the area with plenty of water. After that, apply banana peel tincture on the warts and cover them with gauze. Leave the gauze on until the next day, when you will repeat the treatment.

Depending on the type, size and number of the warts, the duration of the treatment varies between several weeks and several months. The affected area heals nicely and there will be no scars left once the healing is complete. The skin will become smooth and youthful again.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Banana peels sooth irritation caused by insect bites

Especially in the summer, our skin is exposed to the bites of various insects, and some of these may cause skin irritation. Mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other flying insects as well as spiders are the best known for causing allergic reactions with their stings and bites. If you are trying to soothe such irritations, use fresh banana peels to rub affected areas. Banana peels have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect; even if the red areas don’t disappear instantly, the burning sensation is soothed greatly.

Banana peels help treating acne

After cleaning the skin, rub areas affected by acne for several minutes. Leave the substances to act for 10 minutes, and then wash your skin with plenty of water. After this treatment, you can apply your usual anti-acne solution recommended by your doctor.

If you have dry skin or you suffer from psoriasis, try banana peels

If you have dry skin, or if your skin is affected by psoriasis, you can use banana peels twice a day for treatment. Wash the affected area with lots of water and rub it with the interior of banana peels for two minutes. Within three weeks, the results will surprise you. Many persons who tried banana peels decided to resign to using other skin treatment solutions.

Seven ways to use banana peels

Banana peels help treating depression

Therapists recommend the use of fruit skin after washing it thoroughly. This advice is applicable to banana peels as well. Also, it is recommended to put bananas unpeeled into the fruit blender, well washed and with the ends removed. Banana peels contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that combat depression. Moreover, banana peels facilitate the balance between stress and happiness hormones.

Banana peels help treating hemorrhoids

A very efficient recipe to treat hemorrhoids is obtained in the following way: place a well-washed unpeeled banana into a blender, add honey to taste, a tablespoon of flax seeds and chia seeds, and pour in a small bowl of yogurt too. Drink this blend at every breakfast for a month; after that, drink it 3-4 times a week to prevent hemorrhoids from re-occurring.

You must consult your doctor if you have a severe or advanced case of hemorrhoids; if they are external and large, banana peel treatment is not sufficient, and in some cases surgical intervention is necessary.

Note: use only very ripe banana peels.