This sepia species looks like an underwater hippo. Look how cute it is!

The beautifully colored sepia featured in the video is called Metasepia pfefferi by its scientific name, and it lives in the waters of northern Australia, southern New Guinea and in parts of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is no more than 7-8 centimeters long, and it is extremely lethal.

Biologist Shane Siers, who captured a specimen of this species, explains that the sepia behaves in a rather unique way: it moves on the ocean floor as if it were dancing, and its colorful undulating tentacles are a breathtaking sight.

Incidentally, this is also the way the animal attracts its prey, the tiny cephalopods. Metasepia pfefferi can change their color depending on their environment, which makes them more dangerous for their victims.

But all we can think as we look at the video is how cute it is, and how much it looks at first glance like a hippopotamus underwater.

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