After seeing this video, I will never wrap gifts as before

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and we are preparing our loved ones lots of gifts. Those who will receive them will be much more pleased if the gifts are wrapped in a stylish and original packaging.

After seeing this video, I will never wrap gifts as before

Photo: YouTube

From this video, we can learn two simple ways to wrap presents and also to save time and money, and give the packages a touch of originality. Both methods involve the use of wrapping paper and some skill.

A book or a toy box can be wrapped by placing them at an angle to a corner of the wrapping paper. One after another, each corner will be folded over the box or book and fastened with tape. When ready, one side of the package will form a small pocket, inside which a teddy bear can find its perfect place.

The second version enables us to make a gift bag suitable to wrap bulkier gifts such as plush toys. For this, the wrapping paper is folded inward at the edges, and the edges are fastened with tape. Next, we fold the bottom in two and open it in a diamond shape, and fold the two opposite corners of the diamond again. The end result will be very original and beautiful.

Enjoy packing!

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