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Say goodbye to a cheap look: Avoid these 5 paint colors for your home

Experts say there are certain colors to avoid when you decorate the rooms in your house. These are not recommended as they can spoil the ambience and energy of the home. When you move into a house, it’s important to choose colors carefully.

Whether you’ve recently moved in or just want a makeover, design experts say it’s important to choose your future wall colors carefully. One expert explains to Express.co.uk how important it is to avoid certain colors which would give the appearance of a cheap and dated home.

Colors to avoid in the color scheme in your home

Certain décor items can make a home look dated. This also applies to the colors you choose for your parents. There are colors that can make your home look much ‘cheaper’ than it actually is. What’s more, the wrong colors can be disturbing while you sleep.

Find out more about recommended shades in the living room and why it’s important to consider these things when choosing to paint your walls a particular color.

Dark brown

While some shades of beige may be attractive for your home’s walls, shades of dark brown can completely ruin the look of a room, according to experts. Shades of brown can make a room look dark and small, so it’s advisable to avoid such colors precisely to give the impression of an open and airy space. Experts recommend warm or neutral tones when choosing shades of beige or cream.

Light yellow

Yellow is a strong and vibrant color. Even though it’s a color that can bring happiness and excitement, this shade is on the list of those not recommended by specialists.

Yellow is a warm and sunny color, but it’s a color that shouldn’t be used your home as it will make it look cheap, experts have told Express.co.uk. Yellow can be upsetting to the eyes after a certain amount of time, and therefore it is recommended to be avoided, especially in large and less frequently used rooms.

Dark purple

Dark purple is not recommended for the walls inside your home either. Although it is an ideal shade for an office, for example, for a home it is a shade that can quickly become depressing. Dark purple is especially not recommended for spaces such as the bedroom, as this shade could negatively affect your sleep and rest.

Mint green

Mint green is not recommended by experts to be applied to walls inside the home. While green is a color that can often have a relaxing effect, mint green can make you feel lethargic. Especially avoid this color in the living room or bedroom.

Instead, experts recommend choosing shades of green that suit the ambience of your home. In fact, when choosing the right color for your room, it’s ideal to look at your decor.

So that you don’t have to change all your furniture, try to opt for shades that match it. To this end, experts recommend choosing colors that are as neutral as possible, and which can easily be combined with any type of furniture.