The road to forgiving is long and difficult. This is why you should practice every day!

Nobody is perfect. We make many mistakes, hurt others, and others hurt us too. However, forgiveness and letting grudges go is always a possibility that offers genuine relief and frees our minds and hearts.

Forgiving is not easy. If you are hurt and disappointed, forgiveness is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. At such times you may think that the person who hurt you doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, or that you will seem week if you forgive.

However, never forget that, just like everyone else, you are entitled to happiness. If you forgive someone, this is not going to serve the happiness of that person but your own.

You don’t deserve a life dominated by anger and hatred. And this is exactly why you should forgive.

Forgiving doesn’t mean to forget what others did to you and that you give a license to someone to hurt you again and again. Forgiving means that you live your life without letting hurtful events to dominate you and influence your happiness. Forgiving is simply a tool to free yourself from physical, mental and emotional suffering.

To be successful in forgiving, you don’t need the hurting person to ask your forgiveness. Forgiving is a way to feel that you are whole again, and a tool that you have to apply, or else your whole life may become a scene for anger and bitterness.

The road to forgiving is long and difficult. However, you should never forget that your life is the most important thing you have, and lots of wonderful things are waiting for you out there. This is why you must forgive as soon as possible.

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