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How to remove shiny iron marks from clothes

It is a very nice sight when somebody is dressed in an impeccable and stylish outfit. However, sometimes the looks of a suit or some other piece of clothing becomes less than perfect because of those shiny marks a hot iron leaves on the fabric.

How to remove shiny iron marks from clothes
Photo: Pixabay.com

Probably you have already tried various methods to get rid of these marks without much of a result. In this article we will present you some practical advice to remove such stains.

The shiny stains are mostly visible on dark clothing. If you think you have already ruined your clothes, don’t hurry to get rid of them. This is how you should proceed:

Lay a fluffy towel on the ironing board and place on the piece of clothing. Mix some water and vinegar and dip a piece of gauze into the mixture. Place the moist gauze on top of the piece of clothing, and iron through the gauze.

The iron should be lukewarm – never use it hot. Try to move the iron slowly and keep it on the same spot for a few seconds. As a result of the procedure, the shiny marks will disappear completely.