Record Beard Is Longer Than Four Meters

It’s official: world’s longest beard, measuring over four meters, belongs to an East Indian man.


The 58 year old Ram Singh Chauhan claims that his facial hair is the most pampered part of his body. The beard’s official length is 14 feet, which approximately corresponds to 426 centimeters.

The man has already been growing his beard for 43 years, and he spends two hours a day grooming it. ‘Growing a beard is just like having a child. It is a task that needs huge attention and care’, he explains. ‘It wasn’t easy to reach this length; I had to sacrifice much for it. I started growing it at the end of my teenage years, in 1970. My face was never touched by a razor.’

In East India, people value and respect beards. This attitude probably originates in ancient cultures, where facial hair was the symbol of power.

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