When I realized what was happening, I was terrified. Reality can be so scary

Excessive alcohol consumption has negative effects, sometimes altering human nature to a frightening degree. Many of those who consume too much alcohol can’t control their anger, become careless and no longer can function as parents to raise and educate their children properly.


Any child, who has a parent addicted to alcohol, will be very scared of this video, which in his or her mind is always associated with that of a monster. Children’s experiences are imprinted into their minds and they don’t disappear, especially if the situation persists. Alcoholic parents will often be aggressive with their children, instilling a permanent state of fear.

“Fragile Childhood” is a Finnish organization that fights alcohol abuse which characterizes some parents’ lifestyle. We can’t even realize how much this addiction affects the life of children who live with alcoholic parents. It was found that a quarter of children are adversely affected by such situations and nearly half of them start on the same slippery slope later.

Children in these images are deeply marked by the attitude of their parents, and instead of enjoying a happy childhood, the have part of violence, apathy and fear. Therefore, our effort to change this situation is fully justified.

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