PodRide – The best Bike you have ever seen!

Small ideas can grow into really big things. They don’t need to be entirely new inventions; it is enough if two contraptions are combined into something totally innovative and useful.

PodRide - The best Bike you have ever seen!

Thanks to the Swedish Mikael Kjellman, who combined the characteristics of a bike and a car, an environmentally friendly, weatherproof, lightweight structure has been invented – the PodRide.

The car-bicycle has four wheels, and it is equipped with windshield wiper and heating; in summer the windshield can be opened, and signaling lights weren’t forgotten either. One can use this very practical vehicle for shopping as well, because it has a small luggage space, and a trailer can also be connected to it.

Mikael has just launched a public funding to be able to collect 30 thousand dollars, so he can start the mass production of PodRide.

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