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Pickled vegetables according to grandma’s recipe

There is no tastier canned food than pickled onions, garlic and grapes as grandma used to preserve them. It is essential to use perfectly clean salt with no iodine or other chemical agents added. You shouldn’t use sea salt either. Also, you have to choose natural, good quality vinegar, the best choice being white wine vinegar.

Pickled onions

You will need a kilogram of small onions, whole peppercorn, a whole small red hot pepper, a small horseradish root cut into stripes, salt, sugar, red wine vinegar, a laurel leaf and mustard seeds.

Clean the onions and place them into jars. Make sure they stay whole by not overstuffing the jars. Add the spices, the horseradish root and the red pepper.

Put up two liters of water to boil with two tablespoons of salt added. Allow the water to boil for several minutes. Pull the pot off the heat and add six tablespoons of red wine vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. Using a ladle, pour the hot water slowly over the onions and close the jars.

The onions will be good to eat after four weeks, and they can be stored for four months in a cool and dark place.

Pickled quince, grapes and plums

This combination is like a dream! These sweet and sour pickled fruits go very well with oven baked meat and other Christmas specialties. An ideal ratio is two large quinces, a large bunch of white grapes and a kilogram of fall plums. Also, you can add some hard apples.

For the pickling, you will need half a liter of water and ½ liter of white vinegar, 200 g sugar, three tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of salt, nutmeg and whole peppercorn.

Was the fruit and place them whole into a jar. Leave the grapes on the bunch, but remove the spoiled or spotted berries.

Add all ingredients to the water except for the honey and boil for several minutes. Pull the pot off the heat. Pour the honey onto the fruit and then add the still hot seasoned water. Close the jars and shake them gently so the honey may dissolve.

Pickled garlic

You will fall in love with pickled garlic after you first taste it! Use small jars so you can use up the contents as fast as possible.

You will need garlic, whole peppercorn, vinegar, salt, sugar and a small hot pepper. Make syrup using 500 ml water, 500 ml vinegar (white or red), a tablespoon of salt and three tablespoons of sugar. Boil the syrup for several minutes and pour it over the garlic while still hot. Close the jars. The garlic will be ready to eat in a week and will keep for a year.