How to paint glass vases

There is nothing more beautiful than a harmonizing row of colors, and there is no better feeling than creating such a harmony. It is not very difficult to make vases in lovely shades of two colors. Let’s see how.


What you will need:

– glass or acrylic paints
– mixing bowl
– mixing stick
– a large syringe
– nicely shaped bottles

The procedure:

1. If you plan to use different shades of the same color, pour some of the lightest shade paint in the mixing bowl. You can paint a vase in a basic color, and then start adding another color drop by drop to make combination colors.


2. Stir the paint with the stick to homogenize it.


3. Use a syringe to transfer some paint into a bottle.


4. When there is enough paint in it, keep rotating the bottle until the paint coats the inside of it uniformly.


5. When you’re ready, lay the bottle on a plastic sheet or place it in a plastic storage dish. You will be able to easily remove paint stains from the surface of plastic objects.

6. Repeat the procedure with a few more drops of paint added, as many times as you wish. If you make enough vases, and if you work carefully, you can create a series of bottles with a gradual transition of shades. The last vase can be painted in the color you kept adding to the first one to make the series complete.


7. The vases will be ready as soon as the paint dries in them.

Clean the mixing bowl, the stick and the drying surface or dish with an appropriate cleaning agent as soon as possible.


(+1) If you have used water soluble paint, insert plastic tubes in the bottles to protect the paint.

When the vases are ready, pour water into them, place in some flowers and enjoy the sight!

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