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It’s not only people who cry – the reaction of a horse at his master’s funeral

People are not the only creatures who feel emotional pain – animals do as well. The horse in the video seems to cry at his master’s funeral.

It’s not only people who cry - the reaction of a horse at his master's funeral

At 34, Wagner de Lima Figueiredo had a motorcycle accident on New Year’s Eve. He was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries. His funeral, held in Paraiba, northeast Brazil, broke the heart of his horse, Sereno. Wagner’s family and friends were shocked when they saw the horse place his head close to his master’s coffin and make sounds as if he were weeping.

Wagner was a professional cowboy for eight years and appeared in shows with Sereno. They shared prizes, and had a close friendship. The horse meant everything for Wagner, and it was important for the family that he was taken to the funeral. And the horse definitely gave the impression that he knew what happened and wanted to say goodbye.

When the coffin was brought out, Sereno seemed to cry, as if he had realized that his master was leaving him. Wando, Wagner’s brother, recalled how much the horse meant for Wagner: he often didn’t buy things he needed just to be sure he could afford food for his horse. Many people offered to buy Sereno, but his master always refused; the two were inseparable. Wando has assumed responsibility for keeping the horse, so we can be sure he’ll be in good hands.