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New Moon in Aquarius, 1 February 2022. A new vision

On February 1 at 7:45 a.m., the Moon meets the Sun in Aquarius, the sign in which Saturn is now, forming the aspect of the New Moon. The two luminaries activate the astrological 12th house in the chart at the specified moment.

This will be a significant stage, where we will have the opportunity and the ideal astral context to fundamentally change direction and to refresh our mind, vision and life. We have plenty of inspiration and will repeatedly amaze ourselves with the new ideas, solutions, approaches we discover and consider.

The new stage will bring an energy of beginning, creativity, originality and newness. The flag is up and all we have to do is see it and get going. Because a new path is now opening up for us, we will have the opportunity to reconsider a number of choices, aspirations and desires. It is as if we are on the one hand at a moment of stocktaking and at the end of a journey, and on the other hand, we are standing in front of an open door, a door that makes the transition to a much wider space that we have known before. A space full of possibilities that we had not seen, had not known, had not even imagined.

We begin to see new possibilities and we begin to look in new directions. And we start to believe that it’s truly possible to change everything we want in our lives and to fulfill what our heart is calling us to experience.

The energy of Aquarius helps us look more detachedly and serenely at our lives, to make choices beyond our emotions, and most of all, to close some past chapters, to understand them differently, to reach a certain wisdom we didn’t have before. We are supported in seeing the bigger picture, and we will have the opportunity to look at some past experiences through a different lens, to extract from these only what serves us in going forward and to release what no longer serves our new philosophy and vision of life.

After so many transformations and realizations that most of us have had, especially in the last few months, after so many experiences that have shaken our convictions and beliefs, the message of this New Monday is: “now you are ready for your new creation, for your new life”.

Now we need to be bold, to ask for what we want, to look beyond what we thought possible until now. And, above all, to trust in what we feel, in our intuition, in the messages that come to us from the infinite being that we are. To ask ourselves what we want, what we don’t want (anymore), what else is possible? Let’s acknowledge the inner truth and follow it.

We are at a turning point in our life and creation as earthlings, not just on an individual level, but especially on a collective level. We are now beginning to become aware of what we can create together, of the role we want to play in a community, in society, in the world. We are becoming aware of what it is possible to create by participating in something that inspires us, moves us, motivates us to express ourselves in a new way. It is a signal to close ranks, based on resonance and shared vision with others. It’s not about vanity, arrogance and self-assertion, but about being together with others for common causes.

Pay attention to the ideas that come to you in the next 28 days. It’s useful to write these ideas down, as well as the revelations and the messages you receive. It may not be a time of concrete beginnings, but rather a buffer period between old and new, when our job will be not so much to hit the road, but to prepare for the journey. To cast off the weights, to understand what they have served us for, to leave in our “carry-on baggage” only what we need for the new destination, to empower and enjoy the new beginnings and the new energy that is settling into our minds, bodies and lives.

This astral context reminds us at every moment that all change begins in the mind and that this is where we need to expand the field of possibilities. The next few days will be especially focused on our understanding, our perceptions of reality. This is essential to see now and to accept that it is not a particular reality that bothers us but the thoughts and stories we accept or create about it. Therefore, the mastery is to always keep our openness to higher understanding and to keep the ground as clear as possible in our minds, constantly releasing judgments, complaints and other limitations. To focus more on what we want, on new possibilities, to play with intentions, with desires born of joy and innocence (“I would like to…”, “I want to…”, “what would it be like to be/do/have…?”).

Another useful point is to trust what we know. In that “I know” which comes with no arguments, no explanations and does not need too many thoughts and words, precisely because it comes from another space, from the space of infinite being. I suggest an exercise: take a sheet of paper and a pencil, then write “I know that…”. Fill in the dots with what comes. Write “I know that…” several times. And find out what you already know.

Also, since many people can feel confused and tired during this time, precisely because of the inner tuning that is taking place, it’s good to always focus on the present moment, on what we are doing now. Without delving too much into the mind, without pretending to know how things will develop.

We have no way of knowing how events will evolve because, being new, unheard, unknown experiences, we have no mental representation of them. By trying to include them in a strategy, a plan, a scheme, we limit them, we block the possibility of expansion. Therefore, all we have to do is to take things one step at a time, to be present and make conscious choices in relation to our truth, to what we know inside and what is right for us NOW.

Our body is our trusted ally, giving us the signals that we need, faithfully decoding what is in our minds. If we pay attention, we will know exactly what it is telling us. We’ll know what to do and when. We will know if our choices are conscious and in tune with us, or not.

We will know what our soul needs, what we need to release, what part of the past we need to reconcile with, what we need to let go of.

It is to be expected, in an astral context in which all the planets are about to go direct, two days after the New Moon, that things will evolve with dizzying speed and that we will advance in our lives more than we have in years.

Take heart and enjoy the journey!