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A mother’s letter to her third child: “You have come to change our lives for the better”

Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience that revolutionizes everything in a person’s life. For a while at least, the whole universe will revolve around the baby you brought into the world. Mothers almost invariably change their priorities and lifestyle. In addition, they can enjoy a lot of experiences they would have thought impossible before.

The third child is still able to bring some unparalleled experiences. With this in mind, here is a heartfelt letter a mother wrote to her third child.

A mother’s letter to her third child

“Son, you have come to change all of our lives for the better. So much so that when your siblings saw you for the first time, they were infinitely joyful to have a new person to play with and be happy with.

You filled my father and me with joy, too. You made us feel the same special feelings as the first and second time we received a child into our family.

However, we know that from the very beginning, you were introduced to an environment that was a little strange. And that’s because, as in any large family, the screaming, playing and running in the hallway interrupted your restful sleep.

Plus, I often had to run with you in my arms to take your older brother to school. This disturbed the calm you may have longed for. You didn’t get your first crib, your clothes or most of your toys brand new. You inherited each of these items from your older siblings.

Also, you didn’t enjoy much time when we focused on you exclusively. That’s because Dad and I had to divide our time to take care of the needs of all the members of our beautiful family.

Son, you taught us essential lessons.

But despite all these circumstances, we tried to give you the best. And you should know that all of us are and will always be ready to take care of you, to accompany you and open our hearts to you.

Besides Mom and Dad, you have two guardian angels in whom you can take refuge and trust. In them you will also find the most honest advice and the best solutions if things go wrong for you.

That’s why, with this letter, we want to tell you that you have a special place in our family, because you have the luxury of all of us using our experiences to protect you and give you what you deserve.

And since within a family everything is reciprocal, you have already given us majestic gifts and provided us with beautiful and very valuable lessons. One of them is the moment of your birth, because the coming into the world of a child awakens other illusions, thoughts and plans to be realized.

Another gift of yours is the special ingredient you added to my motherhood. Every child has different needs and your birth has allowed me to learn that the resources that helped me with your siblings may not have the same impact on you.

This has caused me to learn new things every day and immersed me in other experiences to help me find what works for you.

For all of these reasons, in this letter I can only thank you for coming into our lives and making them so special. And I must tell you that you will always be a blessing for us.”